We’re not talking real gold, of course. High-end gold tone metallic furniture and furnishing are expensive enough! Gilded gold is one of the top trends of the fall, and getting a rich look in your space is easy with the right accessories and a soft touch. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like the Palace of Versailles. Unless that’s your thing, in which case, we say go forth and prosper, Your Majesty.

“What could be more glamorous than gold? The shimmering metallic color has recently made a stunning resurgence, appearing not only in decorative objects and picture frames, but also in large-scale furnishings and wall treatments,” said Elle Décor. “It can be as gleaming and reflective as chrome and silver, but gold also has the advantage that its sunny character is infinitely warmer.”

Here are four ways to incorporate gold into your space.

The right accessories

Gold accessories are everywhere right now, which includes home goods and big box retail stores.

That means you can get yourself a $1,500 designer gold-toned mirror or buy the $35 knockoff at your local Target.

If you’re going the low-end route, you’ll want to make sure the finish is muted; garish gold will give you away.


Metal easily lends itself to furniture pieces, and this is another area where you can go high or low. Because metal can be considered a classic finish, it’s hard to go wrong investing a few dollars in a great quality piece you plan to have for years.

But if you’re not sure you want to take the designer plunge or if you are fickle and like to change your look frequently, it might be best to buy something inexpensive, like this side table.


Metallic finishes have come a long way from the can of spray paint whose best (and only) use was once covering rusty patio furniture. For best results, get a good quality product like Benjamin Moore’s Molten Metallics, which has a hammered metal look, or Sherwin Williams’ Metallic Impressions, offered in traditional metal colors and jewel tones.

When you’re making your purchase, be sure to ask the sales person for any tips and tricks—that’s how we learned that Metallic Impressions is harder to manage when applied at full strength (a little dilution with water made it much easier to use and still gave great coverage). Whether you’re painting a room or a piece of furniture, these products make it easy to achieve a rich, glamorous finish.

Take it up a notch with gold leaf

Gold leaf isn’t the easiest application in the world, and it’s not super cheap either. But it is worth it, whether you are painting a gilded wall or an old chest.

Learn how to use gold leaf here.

For more ideas about how to bring the luster of gold décor into your space, visit Houzz.

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